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General Inquiries:
Joel Kaplan
Managing Director
Jett Capital Mgmt. LLC.

Phone: 646.789.JETT (5388)

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Jett Capital Management Logo

Private Equity and Venture Capital Solutions

We are a private investment management firm serving prestigious institutions and affluent individuals. Our investment practice specializes in fixed income and commodity arbitrage strategies. The firm was founded by famed hedge fund manager, author and lecturer, Joseph Jett.

Jett is a frequent guest market commentator on Your World with Neil Cavuto, Geraldo at Large with Geraldo Rivera, Lou Dobb's Moneyline and On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.

CNN MoneyLine, Lou Dobbs, Peter Lynch of Fidelity Magellan, Joseph Jett

Jett Capital Management offers solid financial and business strategies to help individuals and corporations accumulate wealth through managed investments, structured derivatives products, business planning and financial strategy development.

The business of this nation is business, and business is best understood as a proxy for war. In the capital markets, we see the raw beauty and danger of our capitalist system. To succeed here, one must be adept at the art of war. For the capital markets are sublime; they beg no quarter and they give none. The markets care not about a person's race, color, sex or creed. Here all are equal until discipline, intelligence, and experience discriminate winner from loser.

Few in fund management have the experience of our team, trading a $37 billion portfolio and heading a 43 man trading desk. Our unmatched experience allows us to follow a highly technical trading strategy in which short positions are as common as long positions in our portfolio. The investment strategy utilizes fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and risk management in seeking superior returns.